Best Buy to showcase Samsung home entertainment experience

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One of the benefits of being a tech giant is that you get to play and profit in multiple markets. Even though Samsung is bracing for tougher times in the mobile arena, the company as a whole will be able to ride it out. In case you haven’t noticed, Samsung isn’t pumping the kind of marketing funds into smartphones like it used to. But if you’re more into home entertainment, the company may just be getting warmed up.

samsung home entertainment uhd hd tv

Samsung has just announced that shoppers will be able to visit select Best Buy stores for the latest home entertainment experience. These experience areas will feature Samsung’s latest TVs and home audio products. Curious about those new, curved UHD TVs? You’ll be able to see them in-person and ask questions. The stores will have couches and recliners to really deliver that living room experience.

If you believe Samsung to be a visionary and pioneering company, then you understand HD is out and UHD is in. Just this spring, the company has introduced five new series of UHD televisions in flat and curved designs. This is likely just one part in Samsung’s overall focus toward a connected home where tech and appliances can be automated and wirelessly controlled.

However, Samsung isn’t the only one spearheading experiences at Best Buy, as Sony also has an agreement. But, over 500 Best Buy locations across the U.S. are set to have this Samsung home entertainment experience. An online picture may say a thousand words, but it still won’t beat standing right in front of the product in person.

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