The 2014 ‘no-BS’ high-tech Mother’s Day gift guide

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I’m a mother of four and while I’m not usually one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I find it humorous when people buy me Mother’s Day gifts based on what they think a mother should want. Many years ago, someone–we won’t mention names–got me a baby-food maker for Mother’s Day. A subtle way of telling me that I’m going to be the one doing all the food-making for the baby? That I’ll actually have time to make all my baby’s meals from scratch, all organic of course? That Gerber is B-A-D? I used it once, and it was so hard to clean, I regifted it after unsuccessfully trying to return it to Williams Sonoma from whence it came. Here, we will cut through the BS and help you find the mom in your life a high-tech gift she will actually dig. No baby monitors or vacuum cleaners here. These high-tech gifts are for her!



A rad pair of headphones. For those Calgon Take Me moments, nothing beats a pair of on-ear or over-ear headphones that will let her escape, even during the thick of it. Kids screaming and playing? She can slip on a pair of these high-quality headphones, turn on some Bob Marley, and she might as well be in Jamaica. We recommend a pair of Monster wireless iSport Freedom wireless bluetooth headphones ($250) for really great workouts and everyday listening. This set of ‘phones lets her run longer and unleashes the power, intensity, and focus of the music.


The ROK Espresso Press–A very nice little Mother’s Day gift package!

A totally analog espresso machine.  ROK makes no-tech high-tech with this totally analog, totally sweet no-plug Manual Espresso Press. We’re working on a quick review of the product, but so far, it performs brilliantly and is great for those in-between moments when the morning coffee has all been drunk and the evening glass of wine can’t arrive too soon. Great for a single or double espresso, or even a single serving of coffee if you add more hot water and press it twice. It comes in a beautiful steel case, includes a tamper for those just-right espressos, and even a manual frother for cappuccinos, all for 200 bones. This espresso machine is expressly hers and is the perfect green gift that she can feel good about. 


That’s right! After you buy her this little herb garden for her desk or the kitchen, you can make her some delicious pesto.

A swank-looking indoor herb garden.  While the Click and Grow indoor herb garden might seem a little pricey at first at $100, considering its gorgeous industrial design, the ability for her to grow plants right in the kitch, and the fact that replacement plants only cost $7-$9, this is a fabulous gift for mom. It’s also super high-tech, giving the plants the right amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients at all times using sensors and software to measure the conditions and “make sure your plant is feeling well.” All your mother needs to do is plug it in and add water. 

gallery_3A connected kitchen thermometer. Who says that dad has to be the grill master? Without taking anything away from a man’s right or ability to grill, mom might like to perfect the art of the filet mignon or roasted chicken too, right? So why not try out the new iDevices Kitchen Thermometer mini Bluetooth Smart connected thermometer ($40)? It helps her cook food to the precise temperature needed for safe consumption and you can monitor it from up to 150 feet away using the iDevices Connected app for iOS (Android coming soon). Simply let the app know what you’re cooking and you’ll receive an alert when food is at its juiciest and most tender. Enter coupon code MDAY14 for $10 off until May 11, 2014.

We Are The Rhoads Client: BOSE

A fun Bluetooth speaker. If the mom in your life is a mover and a shaker, a Bluetooth speaker or two or three, will let her do that moving and shaking in various rooms throughout the house. She can take the speaker to the office, take it out on the patio, use it in the kitchen, the kid’s room…anywhere. We like Bose’s SoundLink II ($300), for which you can buy accessory covers ($35 each) in five colors–gray, blue, green, orange and pink–to complement her personality. A silicone button panel protects from dirt and dust, and a wraparound metal grille resists fingerprints. SoundLink III weighs only 3 pounds and will play for 14 hours on a single battery charge.


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