Need 4K Ultra HD content? NanoTech’s got it. But can you get it?

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With the number of Ultra HD TV models increasing and the price of the sets steadily coming down, you’d think they might be a good buy. But the native 4K content to watch on them largely still isn’t here, leading manufacturers to instead tout the sets’ respective abilities to “upscale” HDTV content to Ultra HD — a strange alchemy that varies in effectiveness depending on which model you’re using.

Now there’s news that a bit more Ultra HD content is dripping out, although it’s not from a TV network, cable provider or disc player. Or even one of the major outboard media players like Roku, Chromecast or Amazon Fire; only Netflix has stepped to the plate so far, albeit with a meager offering of titles. Among TV manufacturers, Sony has its own Ultra HD player, while Samsung is shipping hard drives with some content to owners of their Ultra HD TVs.

NanoTech's $299 Nuvola NP-1 Ultra HD TV player. It's not clear if this device will be offered to cable providers, consumers or both.

NanoTech’s $299 Nuvola NP-1 Ultra HD TV player will be available for purchase by the end of June.

Today, NanoTech, a brand which few consumers know, announced that its UltraFlix 4K Streaming Service now offers “the world’s largest library of 4K VOD (video on demand) content.” It could be available as an app that could be integrated into 4K TVs down the road. It’ll definitely be a box that you can buy.

Just how much content? “More than 200 hours… in addition top 100 hours of free content.” Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

The titles are, shall we say, underwhelming. Movies like Freeway, Getting Gotti, Basil, Grizzly, Oblivion, The Complex, Manterra, SOLO, Return of Superfly, Shotgun Stories. If you’re not familiar with those, you’re not alone. Neither am I. NanoTech is also offering “extreme sports” content, documentaries, and concerts.

Now when does the NanoTech app show up on Ultra HD TVs? That’s anybody’s guess. NanoTech says “during the next year.” We reached out to Ultra HD TV manufacturers LG, Samsung, Vizio and Toshiba for comment. If we hear back from any of them, we’ll update this post.

NanoTech is also targeting consumers directly with a $299 Android-based set-top box called Nuvola NP-1, “which comes with UltraFlix and several video, gaming and social media applications pre-installed.” It’s due to be available by the end of June. A NanoTech spokesperson says retailers could also opt to bundle the box with the Ultra HD TVs they sell, although no retailers have yet confirmed they will do so.

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