Start smart home monitoring and control with SAM

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Whether you’re jealous and/or intrigued by all these ‘smart’ gadgets and appliances hitting the market, it doesn’t mean that what you own now is no good. With the right equipment, you too can smarten up your home. How easy, you ask? Well, if you can plug stuff into a wall socket and operate a smartphone app at the same time, then you too can upgrade with confidence.

SAM save automate monitor socket strip detailsThe device is called SAM, which is short for save automate monitor. Although we’ve already seen some tech that performs similar actions, SAM goes above and beyond to provide control and useful information. Users can choose either the single wall plug or the outlet strip, both of which feature the same main bullet points.

With the use of its built-in motion, temperature, and light sensors, SAM lets users set up conditions for control. If SAM detects motion indoors, you can have it switch a light on. Or if the temperature drops too low or rises too high, SAM can activate an attached heater or AC unit. The app plans to use easy if-then rules to trigger different situations for whatever a user needs.

On top of all that, SAM also tracks energy consumption. You can easily identify the power-hungry devices, or set up a rule so that things are turned off after a certain amount of energy has been used. The SAM powerstrip’s two USB ports can send mobile alerts when things have finished charging, so you can go disconnect them immediately. And, of course, the SAM app lets users turn connected devices on/off remotely.

Such a simple concept is able to deliver powerful results. Check out the SAM Kickstarter page for more information and to back the project for your own.

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