Home health care gets cheaper with Intel-GE/ iHealth partnership

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iHealth has a lot of devices that monitor your well-being–connected scales, sleep monitors, activity trackers, blood pressure monitors, you name it. Now, Intel-GE Care Innovations is teaming up with this maker of consumer-friendly devices to integrate the company’s vital sign monitoring products into the Care Innovations Connect Platform for remote care management. This platform  lets doctors and care managers connect with patients from the convenience of their homes to manage chronic conditions and reduce doctor and ER visits. The partnership is poised to remove the cost and complexity normally associated with medical-grade monitoring devices to facilitate patient care at home. And all of iHealth’s devices are FDA-approved:

“Our partnership with iHealth underscores our commitment to connecting the care continuum to the home, which we firmly believe is necessary for improving health outcomes, especially for risk-bearing entities,” said Sean Slovenski, chief executive officer, Intel-GE Care Innovations. “iHealth Lab’s FDA-cleared products make health monitoring easier and more cost-effective at home, which will help break down the traditional technology and cost barriers associated with remote care from the home.”

The solution is cloud-based, and the Connect RCM patient app makes it easier to send your, or your loved one’s, biometric data measurements and provides access to clinician-directed health sessions, videoconferencing, and interactive education delivery. If something happens and vital signs signal emergency, the appropriate help can be alerted or dispatched.




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