Kaleidescape beefs up UltraViolet support

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kaleidescape uvKaleidescape has added native UltraViolet support to the Kaleidescape store, with a bonus offered by no other retailer. Unlike the “HD” offered by retailers like Vudu or Flixster, Kaleidescape users will be able to download full Blu-ray Disc images for free on any UV title in their collection, and those added in the future.

That’s in addition to Kaleidescape’s Managed Copy feature of UltraViolet, which allows users to use their existing DVD and Blu-ray library to expand their UltraViolet collection. Instead of merely ingesting discs into your Kaleidescape system, you can use discs as a launching pad and send your movies to the cloud. For $1.99, you can convert you DVD or Blu-ray to the equivalent resolution,  stored in the cloud. To upgrade a DVD  to a full HD digital copy, that’s $5.99, including the Blu-ray image download with full lossless audio.

There are certainly parties that want to see a full transition to digital, but there is an inherent compromise between quality and the size of movies that is practical to store on expensive hard drives (my Blu-ray collection alone would cost me about $4,000 to store, not to mention a few hundred hours to rip). Kaleidescape is offering great flexibility when it comes to the quality of your local copy, while hopefully providing a better and more accurate database of disc IDs than GraceNote’s, which is used on Vudu.





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