Bright lighting ideas: a SlimStyle floodlight and biorhythm adjusted bulbs

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slimstylePhilips’ new  SlimStyle interior floodlight, the BR30 ($12.97), gives homeowners more options and brings LED efficiency to more fixtures in your home. Like the original SlimStyle bulb released at the beginning of this year, the SlimStyle BR30 has a streamlined slim shape and the uniform light distribution of an incandescent floodlight, without the bulky heat sink you find on many an LED bulb. These floodlights are perfect for ceiling fixtures in living rooms and kitchens. Think of all the time you’ll save not changing bulbs in those hard-to-reach cathedral ceilings.

Like other LED bulbs, the SlimStyle BR30 is poised to shrink energy consumption by 85%, that’s $152 in savings over the the life of the bulb (LEDs live 25 times longer than incandescents), according to Philips. Attribute that to the fact that it was designed for ENERGY STAR certification, and is currently under testing. The 9.5-watt floodlight will be available in July online; in retail stores come August.

In other lighting developments, at LightFair International,  Michael Lopez-Alegria, commander of the International Space Station Expedition 14, was present to discuss the impact of artificial light on space missions and the value of biologically-corrected lighting to regulate sleep and increase performance, important factors for astronauts whose circadian rhythms must conform to a 24-hour cycle while experiencing sunrise and sunset every 90 minutes. Lighting Science’s line of biologically corrected lamps feature products that help your body to better focus or prepare for sleep naturally.

For example, the Dynamic Biological lamp, controlled via a mobile app, supports healthy living with intelligent lighting that adapts to the environment. Tailored spectrums automatically adjust to naturally enhance sleep or wakefulness, depending on your schedule. The company also has a Sleepy Baby LED lamp in the works, which fosters the circadian rhythms of newborns and infants who are still developing their internal sleep cycle. A very cool idea for new mothers!

For more information on the company’s other biologically adjust lighting solutions, visit the Lighting Science website.

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