CoeLux light creates illusion of an indoor skylight

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The modern world doesn’t have enough skylights in buildings. Personally, I love them. Not only does it make interior space feel bigger, but it adds light without the need of any bulb. There’s much talk about green energy, conserving, and harvesting the sun’s rays for electricity; where’s the movement to punch holes in ceilings and install skylights everywhere? That’s energy savings too!

CoeLux LED skylight lightOf course, not every building plan can support an actual skylight, with the engineering and all. But at least there is a really convincing imitation out there. Founded by the University of Insubria, the CoeLux indoor light looks and acts like a true-to-life skylight with bright blue sky. The images of CoeLux are claimed to be completely “real and untouched.” If so, the result is absolutely incredible.

CoeLux features three parts to its sunlight-mimicking LED system: one part makes the sunlight, another part creates perceived depth between the fake sky and fake sun, and the third part finishes the illusion by inducing Rayleigh Scattering. Rayleigh Scattering explains why and how our sky and sun look and act as they do.

The company currently has three lighting types to choose from. The CoeLux 60 mimics a tropical light, angled at 60 degrees,  that is cool and bright with high contrast. The CoeLux 45 comes at a 45 degree angle and is the choice for those wanting that balanced, Mediterranean lighting. The CoeLux 30 shines at a 30 degree angle, as you might have guessed. This warmer, lateral light is like the kind that shines through a window in the late afternoon.

The photos are a must-see. Visit the CoeLux website to take a look at more. Too bad they’re not commercially available yet.

<Source: technabob>

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