Pure’s Jongo speaker system syncs via Bluetooth and wifi combination

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The connected home is looking bright for the future. Wireless, multiroom audio in the form of Pure’s Bluetooth Caskeid allows listeners to choose any audio app (Pandora, Spotify, whatever) with the Jongo multiroom speaker system. The technology combines Bluetooth and wi-fi for streaming via iOS, Android and laptops.

UnknownThe Jongo speaker system is available in two color collections in neutral and vibrant color schemes.

“Jongo was designed with flexibility in m
ind and now we’ve taken this concept a huge step further with Bluetooth Caskeid, which brings one of the world’s most accurate and advanced audio synchronization technology together with the most comprehensive audio content, to a much wider audience, giving them the choice to listen to whatever they want, in great quality throughout the home,” said Noam Meppen, Pure’s director of sales, US.

The technology was developed by Pure’s parent company, Imagination Technologies and aims to deliver exceptionally accurate synchronized wireless multiroom connected audio streaming. The sound is audiophile quality with less than 25µs synchronization accuracy.

The whole system is available here and on

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