Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller now available at Home Depot

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Summer is here, which means more attention needs to be paid to lawns and outdoor plants. All it takes is a few scorching days with insufficient watering to transform a nice lawn into a crunchy golden one. Although many of us have irrigation systems that can be programmed for automatic watering, they don’t take local weather conditions into account. Water waste from overwatering is such a concern that cities (like mine) enforce summertime watering rules. Yeah, with fines.

Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler ControllerIf you’re interested in a smarter, connected watering system, Rachio has launched its Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller. This controller replaces your old one with a simple swap and reconnecting of the low voltage zone wires. Launch the Iro app, available for iOS and Android, and you’ll be stepped through the process of syncing and zone setup.

Iro connects to a home network and draws local information to determine efficient watering patterns. Restrictions, regional characteristics, soil type and changes in weather are automatically evaluated for localized watering schedules. The result is having outdoor lawns watered with the least amount of water necessary to keep them green and healthy. Those who are interested can use the Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller app to track usage over time.

Having a smart landscape irrigation system means more convenience and control for the homeowner. The Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller is available now at 990 Home Depot stores nationwide.

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