Haiku smart ceiling fan senses, monitors, thinks

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Although there are smart thermostats available to control indoor heating and cooling, not every home has that kind of HVAC system. Some of us have older, less fancy equipment to maintain temperature. Sometimes, you just have to make the best use of what you have.

Many homes still use ceiling fans (I have two), which are a great way to circulate air in a room without using as much energy to cool an entire house. And if you’re going to stick with a ceiling fan, it might as well be a smart one.

Haiku smart ceiling fan appThe Haiku smart ceiling fan does exactly what you’re probably assuming. It automatically detects when someone enters or leaves the room, turning on and off appropriately. Forget about flipping switches on and off, especially if there are other electronics on the same circuit. The Haiku smart ceiling fan operates independently and saves energy by running only when needed.

Not only does this ceiling fan run when you’re in the room, it senses temperature and humidity, and adjusts speed automatically. If the sun is baking the room, Haiku speeds up. If you open a window to let heat out, Haiku senses that and slows down to maintain your desired temperature. It also allows personalized settings.

Its accompanying smartphone app provides control and settings over the built-in light as well. LEDs, seamlessly integrated into the fan, have 16 unique brightness settings.

Both the light and fan can even be used as a personal alarm clock thanks to Haiku’s SenseME Gradual Awake mode. Instead of being jolted awake, you might prefer the gradual increase of light and breeze.

Head on over to to check it out and pre-order. The fan is expected to ship next month.

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