Sentri steps beyond home security to personalize home monitoring

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If you haven’t thought about setting up some form of home security system, it’s a great time to do so. Not only are monitoring cameras very affordable, installation and setup is a breeze. Users can have their equipment up and connected to mobile devices in no time at all. Many of the latest and greatest also don’t require any monthly subscriptions either.

Sentri home securityWhile many of these systems provide comprehensive controls for video monitoring with audio, they pretty much stop right there. If you wanted to gain more smarthome features, it would require a separate purchase that would have to be set up and integrated. That is, unless, you get Sentri smart home security.

Sentri is a different kind of home security system. It doesn’t even look like a typical security camera. Sentri can easily pass for some form of tablet or digital photo frame, since it’s designed that way. You can either hang it on a wall or prop it up on a flat surface. There are a few different home screens that display time, temperature, humidity, air quality, and projected weather, making Sentri blend in as part of the home.

The sensors for temperature, humidity, and light are on top of a built-in HD video camera with motion detection and night vision. The device also features a microphone and speaker for recording and two-way communication. Sentri connects to the home network to pull local information and to relay alerts to smartphones via the Sentri app. Users can stay on top of conditions within the home and even take action. Sentri can connect with and act as a remote for thermostats, lights, switches, locks, AC units, and any other smart device. You can check in when you want, but set up alerts for critical events as they happen.

Did I mention that Sentri doesn’t even look like a camera? Check out more information about Sentri on their Kickstarter page.

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