OmniMount shows the elegance of wall-mounted TVs

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Before you go and buy a new or replacement flat-panel TV, consider how you want to view that screen. Sure, most models out there come with their own stand, but how about something a little more elegant for your modern living space? Television- and movie-watching becomes a slightly different and better experience when screens are mounted on walls. Minor angle adjustments help to reduce glare or provide a better view. Not only can it also save on floor space, there is less worry about people accidentally bumping into your expensive TV.

Omnimount OE150FM roomIf you’re interested in a TV wall mount that is easy to set up yet makes no sacrifice on style, OmniMount has just launched an elite series of high-end mounts. The collection features two full-motion mounts, two tilt mounts, and two fixed mounts, which can accommodate TV sizes from 27-90” panels. All you need to do is decide how you want to view your television and then pick the proper mount to fit.

Each mount design is tested to UL2442 standards for support and safety. Installation is a three-step process, and a do-it-yourself template is included for those who want to take mounting into their own hands. The full and tilt mounts feature unique joint designs that make TV movement smooth and easy to adjust. These options are ideal for big rooms with multiple viewing areas or big windows, where a gentle tilt removes light glare. The fixed mount is the choice for those who have the perfect viewing spot set up.

The strength of these wall mounts is matched only by its elegance. The black cast aluminum complements practically every television set, and the simplicity of overall design is visually stunning. If you’re going to spend on a quality TV, you deserve to back it up with the best way to view it.

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