DXG Seeing Cam helps homeowners with DIY video monitoring

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Home security is one of those services that almost everyone wants, yet only some can afford. Despite the upside of protection and included features, it’s still another monthly bill to tack on with the rest. But now that the internet of things has been expanding into the home, video monitoring is becoming easier and more accessible.

DXG Seeing Cam video monitoringDXG has just introduced a line of high-definition, wireless video cameras for people who want to view their home or business remotely. These Seeing Cam smart cameras stream video straight to iOS or Android mobile devices. The cameras can trigger from sound or motion activity and send an email notification to users.

While the video footage can be viewed live, recording is made simple with both cloud and local storage. Each of the three models – the DXG110, DXG109, and DXG105 – are easy to set up. Find a good spot and make sure the power cable can reach.

Each of the cameras feature 10x zoom to get in closer for more detail. The Seeing Cam 110 can show a complete field of view with its 360 degree panning and 90 degree tilting. That in itself can do the work of multiple cameras with the right placement. Best of all, these models are affordable and a great way to get some peace of mind with basic home monitoring. Since you’re going to have your smartphone or tablet on you anyway, you can check in at any time. More information is at

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