Triad introduces 3 SlimSub subwoofers for all kinds of media spaces

Sections: Audio, Surround sound

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Triad 3 SlimSubs_webTriad just introduced three– count ’em, THREE– new high-performance SlimSub subwoofers to its lineup. Each subwoofer offers that same performance, but different convenient style options for everybody’s media space.

The InRoom Bronze SlimSub can be stood up at 4.3 inches deep or laid face down under furniture. The product effectively boasts that it takes up no floor space when hidden beneath furniture.

The OnWall SlimSub ships with EZ Mount Brackets that add almost no additional space to the product. At 4.4 inches deep, the OnWall version matches the style and protrusion of any wall-mounted television.

The InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub comes in Narrow Frame, Wide Frame, and Frameless “flat” grill. It fits comfortably into any standard 4″ deep stud wall for neat and clean installation. These products offer much-needed options beyond the traditional setup for tight or unconventional media spaces without sacrificing function.

Each option is paired with Triad’s 350-watt outboard amplifier (RackAmp 350 DSP) at an MSRP of $1,500 per package.

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