PlayOn giving away free Chromecast for cable-cutting

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PlayOn PlayLater logoFor the last couple of years, my local cable providers have been setting up aggressive pricing deals. At one point about 18 months ago, AT&T was giving either a tablet or $200 off for new customers signing a 1-year contract (for TV + internet). Surewest currently has internet and TV bundled for only $65 a month. They’re so good at getting you in, that it makes you forget the all-too-common issues: defective equipment, incorrect billing, calls to customer service, and more.

It’s any wonder the growing appeal to cut cable and save money and a bit of sanity. Sure, maybe one won’t have everything desired immediately, but a little patience and flexibility never hurts. PlayOn happens to have a pretty sweet offer for those looking to wean themselves off of expensive cable bills. Right now, customers can get a free Google Chromecast with the purchase of PlayOn and PlayLater lifetime. Considering the Chromecast’s $35 retail value, you’re only shilling $35 out of your pocket for the service.

PlayOn and PlayLater makes watching web content easy and convenient. Almost anyone should be able to find a dozen or more shows to enjoy from the PlayOn channel list. Users can stream to computers, mobile devices, or TVs in their home. If a favorite site is not on that channel list, there are plugins available for support.

The best part? The PlayLater portion of this bundle acts like a DVR, so you can record web content for later viewing. Just like how a set top box with DVR records live TV shows, you can record live streaming from the web. Subscription services, such as Netflix or Hulu Plus, work with PlayOn, and it supports both SDTV and HDTV.

If you’re interested in more, check out the website!

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  • Steve Miller

    The company offering this deal for Playon and Playlater with free chromecast, sends the order to Best Buy to fullfill the Chromecast part. You’ll wait forever for Best Buy to ship it. I’ve ordered mine over 2 weeks ago and still have not received an email stating it has been shipped. I’ve contacted the company and they say it’s out of their hands and up to Best Buy.

    So, be prepared to sit and wait, a loooooooooong time before you’ll be able to do anything with this. In my opinion, not worth the deal.

  • John Kelly

    Steve’s point about shipping time is well taken. Mine took 1 12 weeks to arrive. That said… The software is good, and well worth $70, let alone $35. I’ve purchased a Chromecast previously and it works just great. The play on software also works fine. The only downside for me is the slow internet speed that I’m stuck with. 1.5 meg. This bundle was a great buy for me as it really helped with a stuttering problem. I’m still tweaking it, but if you have patience to wait, and fiddle a bit if you have slow internet like me, it’s well worth the money. Plus there’s a 30 day money back guarantee just in case.

  • Steve Miller

    Still waiting on my Chromecast. I went and bought one from the local Best Buy, while waiting for the free one to arrive. I need a couple anyway.

    I downloaded the android app for Playon so I can choose what I want from my couch. It’s nicely done, but displaying a PlayLater folder is slooooowwww as a dog. I wish they would do something to speed that up. Being a software developer myself, I can’t see what would take so long to retrieve and display information in the PlayLater database. Going directly against the carriers for their information, you are at the mercy of the ISP speed and the carriers software. That is a given. But, accessing on your own home network, the PlayLater data should be quick. But, alas, I’m not one of their programmers so can’t determine how well it is written or what the software is doing to with this information.

    I would rate the software as decent, otherwise.