h.h. gregg tops J.D. Power Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Study

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hhgreggApp&ElecSears, Home Depot and Lowe’s are looking upwards at h.h. gregg when it comes to keeping home appliance buyers happy. So says the seventh edition of J.D. Power’s annual Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Study.

The study “measures customer satisfaction with the largest appliance retailers based on performance in six factors: sales staff and service; store facility; merchandise; price; delivery service; and installation service.”

h.h. gregg ranked highest in the survey for the first time with a score of 819 out of 1,000; J.D. Power said it performed “particularly well in the sales staff, delivery and installation service factors.” Lowe’s got 815 points and excelled in store facility and price factors.  and ties with Sears in the merchandise factor. Both Lowe’s and Sears, which ranked third with 802 points, topped the charts in terms of merchandise. Best Buy (799) and Home Depot (794) rounded out the field.

J.D. Power said price is not the be-all end-all factor for consumers looking for appliances. Christina Cooley, director of the home improvement practice at J.D. Power, was quoted as saying, “The sales staff has an opportunity to differentiate the customer experience through engagement activities from the moment a customer walks in the door, all the way through appliance selection, delivery and installation. It’s the simple engagement activities—those that don’t require extensive training—that have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. For example, when the sales staff has a great attitude, greets customers and offers them help as soon as they enter the store, this can go a long way toward increasing satisfaction, additional purchases and recommendations.”

You can read more about the study here.

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