Doors open via Bluetooth with Genie Smart Lock

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One of the tests of manhood involves carrying all the groceries into the house in a single trip. Even as our spouse heads to unlock and open the front door before turning around to help, we’ve already collected each bag and shut the trunk. As we shuffle with loaded arms, lifting over bushes, twisting through narrow passages, and flexing to keep produce from banging against the thighs, we’re met with looks of bemusement, a rolling of the eyes, or sometimes a wink and a smile. One trip. No. Matter. What.

Right now, I know most of you are grinning and nodding in agreement.

Genie Smart Lock appLadies, if you think that this behavior happens only in your presence, you’re wrong. The stakes go up when we’re alone, since we have to one-trip-carry the bags and open the door. Although the challenge is always accepted, sometimes concessions must be made. Some of us have a limit, depending on grocery contents, weight, and bulk.  I’ll set bags down to ensure nothing fragile will break (like beer) if I need.

If only one didn’t need to fish keys out of the pocket, right? So why not have a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock that automatically unlocks when you walk up to the door? The Genie Smart Lock does just that and a bit more. Your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone becomes the key to your home, providing easy entry as needed. The Genie Smart Lock works with both iOS and Android devices, yet can also be locked and unlocked via a standard key. You can purchase a key fob as well.

Not only does the Genie Smart Lock operate from close proximity, but users can remotely lock and unlock via wireless. Computer access lets owners authorize and revoke eKeys, check access logs, and set schedules for entry. Want to know if your teenage kids came home from school like they said they would? Just peek at the logs.

But most importantly, the guys can have the best of both worlds; bags don’t hit the ground until the kitchen, and nothing is damaged. Besides, who doesn’t want to have the convenience and power of a smart door lock? The Genie Smart Lock is available for pre-order right now.

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