TechnologyTell offers new solution for midnight bathroom trips

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e3light Group released a new solution for home lighting outside the realm of overhead lighting and lamps. If ever you’ve woken in the middle of the night and felt the agony of flipping the light switch just to find your way to the bathroom, is for you– so, everybody.

Essentially taking nightlights to the next level–adulthood, specifically– mylights are installations that illuminate as you need them, thanks to motion sensors. The bed light illuminates as soon as your feet touch the floor, offering more effective lighting than a wall-mounted light while eliminating the strain of full-room illumination.

The closet light works in the same way, offering soft lighting as you enter. An added benefit is experiencing a mirror reflection in lighting that is essentially a Heidi Klum filter. Seriously, I recommend it.

The products are installation ready and require nothing but a short tutorial video. The lights fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of your space. Though closet and bedroom space are the products’ intended space, e3light Group recommends finding creative uses for your lights, such as installation under kitchen counters for late-night wandering.

Both the bed light and the closet light come at $44.99 via Amazon.

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