Harman unveils Infinity Reference Series of speakers and subwoofers

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Harman's Infinity Reference Series

Harman’s Infinity Reference Series

Harman today introduced its new Infinity Reference Series of loudspeakers, with an emphasis as much on their iF Product Design Award-winning industrial design as their sound.

The new Infinity Reference Series features:

  • Two 2-way bookshelf models: the 5.25-inch R152 ($399.95 per pair) and the 6.25-inch R162 ($499.95 per pair)
  • Two 3-way floorstanding models: the dual 5.25-inch R253 ($899.95 per pair) and the dual 6.5-inch R263 ($1,099.95 per pair)
  • Two center channel models: the 2.5-way dual 5.25-inch RC252 ($349.95) and the 3-way dual 6.5-inch RC263 ($499.95)
  • The RS152 2-way 5.25-inch on-wall surround speaker ($499.95 per pair)
  • Two powered subwoofers: the 10-inch, 200-watt SUB R10 ($499.95) and the 12-inch, 300-watt SUB R12 ($599.95)

Harman highlighted its CMMD (Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm) transducer technology, which it said “yields a durable ceramic surface to the aluminum cones and results in an ideal stiffness to weight ratio while helping to move resonances up in frequency and out of the pass-band of the drivers.”

You can find more technical information about the new speakers in the press release.

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