Review: Pinnacle Power One HT 200 all in one speaker system

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Pinnacle PowerOneHT 200To say I’m busy is a serious understatement. So much so,that when the folks at Pinnacle asked me if I wanted to review their Power One HT 200 all in one speaker system, I hesitated. Not that I didn’t want to do it, it’s just that time has become a commodity to me not unlike the value of gold. I’m sure you feel the same way.

At any rate I was assured that I wouldn’t regret it…”Wow” is all I can say and Pinnacle was seriously right, I don’t regret it!

First of all it is insanely easy to set up, wait a minute, it’s almost like, “What set up?!”  The toughest part was finding time my sister could come over and help me move my 50-inch plasma off the stand, and position the Power One HT 200 under it, then lift the plasma back on top of it. Power One HT 200 measures 38″ Wide x 5″ High x 15″ Deep (including grille) and has a weight of 27 pounds…if you have back problems, I suggest to unbox and position you get some help as I did..…even if you are a hunky guy.

Once again this is no flimsy little component, it is built rock solid and let me just say in this day and age of cheaply crafted junk this is indeed a pleasure to pair with a decent sized display…even if mine is slightly aging. Pinnacle says the  Power One HT 200 can support up to a 65-inch display and I don’t doubt this for a minute.

OK so here is the tech stuff:

Pinnacle POwer One HT 200- a look under the hood!Inside the box besides the component are, a remote control (cute and super easy to use), power supply, power cable, optical digital audio cable, gold-plated RCA interconnect cables and a gold-plated 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable.

Power One HT 200 uses two 1-inch silk dome tweeters and four 3-inch polypropylene midrange drivers and a 6.5-inch down-firing subwoofer. The cabinet is a black-wood grain vinyl finish sort of typical for this type of component.

Ok so here is why you are reading this review: How does it sound and how easy is it to use? Well as I said at the beginning…it basically sets itself up and the remote is beyond uncomplicated. With my HBO guilty pleasure, the movie “Rock of Ages”, I was happy to find out I didn’t need to hook up an external subwoofer. Although the option is there if you feel you need more bass…I didn’t, sure I couldn’t feel bass pounding in my chest, but even when my noisy neighbors had their leaf blowers going at full power. I could hear every drum beat with precision and depth from Stacee Jaxx mythical band.

“Law and Order” television program was another good test as voices are sometimes barely audible and the next minute gunfire is rapid and loud…again, the Pinnacle was impressive and I enjoyed it more than some all-in-one speaker systems I’ve tried.  Voices were natural and the articulation was good with a separation that you wouldn’t normally hear from a TV base styled system. I kept Pinnacle Power One HT 200 with the grille offthinking the same thing over and over, “This is the perfect system if you live in an apartment or move around…or stay put!”

Confession time: I haven’t set it up to work with my TV’s remote, although Pinnacle says it’s easy…I’ll tell you why; I haven’t had to! When the work day is done, all I do is kick back with some great music or movies, listen to crystal clear music and/or dialogue, hang with my friends and pour some vino. And the Power One HT 200 is the perfect system to let the good times easily roll…and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want.

MSRP for the HT200 is $899.

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