electroVine hides ugly cords with lush green ivy

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I saw this the other day and thought it was a silly idea. An extension cord disguised as ivy vine? How cute. But as my day progressed, I couldn’t help but notice cords all around the house. Just to be clear, I’m the type that keeps cables wrapped, bundled, and hidden (when possible). But sometimes you just can’t really hide a cord no matter what. I’ll admit that I can spend too much time going through great lengths to try and minimize these visual sore thumbs.

electroVine cableSo I revisited the electroVine Kickstarter page and took a second look. My mind has been changed, and I think it’s fun with a touch of brilliance. The electroVine is a 6-foot extension cord that is disguised as growing ivy. Sure, it may not be something that would fit in every room, but having just one in a good spot adds a little something more than an unsightly cable. For my house, at least, an electroVine wouldn’t seem that out of place since we have a couple dozen plants of varying types (aloe, mother-in-law tongue, pencil plant, ivy, hibiscus, christmas cactus, and a lot more) growing in pots all over.

The electroVine features fake vine leaves that clip to the green cord itself. They’re completely detachable, so users can adjust and rotate to create that dense look to suspend disbelief. You can tell that they look fake, but from the pictures they look better than most fake flora one might find at a hobby store. Either way, it’s not hard to imagine coiling and hiding a lamp cable only to replace it with an electroVine.

Check out electroVine on Kickstarter. Who knows, maybe you’ll start to notice how ugly and un-vine-like all your exposed electronic cables really are. Baby steps for going green, right?

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  • InventorWannaBe

    Who knows…This could be the start of a cord and cable revolution! If everyone backed for a buck……