Up your style with eco-friendly Get Together boombox

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Consumers have quite the choice of speakers and audio systems to choose from. While the vast majority of them consist of plastic, silicone, and some metal, there are some that take a completely different approach to design. If your cozy living space is a little more laid back and a little less tech-modern, you certainly might appreciate the look and feel of natural wood.

House of Marley Get Together bluetooth speaker beachThe House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth portable audio system combines the best of natural beauty with high quality audio. The fabric and wood that make up the speaker’s exterior are responsibly-sourced or come from recyclable materials. If you ever wanted to feel a little less guilty about the impact of your tech purchases, House of Marley is definitely the way to go.

One aspect that makes the Get Together speaker unique is the striking amount of character derived from the visual aspect. There is an elegant beauty about the warm, polished wood and clean styling. Honestly, the photos don’t quite grasp the essence as when you’re able to see it in person. This speaker was showcased at CES 2014 earlier this year, and the smooth body and tunes kept bringing me back around.

But the Get Together doesn’t stop at good looks. It’s got some serious hardware to back it up, delivering excellent volume and low-end goodness. You can connect via 3.5mm or Bluetooth wireless, and the internal battery lets music play on-the-go for up to 8 hours. At the end of the day, when you set the speaker back in its personal spot, you know you’ve got a crafted speaker and not something that feels cookie-cutter.

Visit The House of Marley website for more info. The Get Together Bluetooth portable audio system is also available on Amazon.


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