Sous vide like a pro with new WiFi enabled Nomiku

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Cooking meals sous vide has gained much attention over the past couple of years. With all the episodes of Chopped and Iron Chef America I watch daily, I see this technique employed at least a few times a week. Why is it so popular? It’s all about time and control. The use of an immersion circulator delivers precise results when you need it. It’s rather energy efficient too. Think crock-pot, but with vacuum-sealed food at user-specified temperatures.

Nomiku sous vide immersion circulatorIf have a love of cooking great food and want it awesome and easy, then the new Nomiku is for you. This latest design improves upon its predecessor by being smaller, more powerful, and with built-in WiFi. That’s three reasons for you to be interested in sous vide right there.

The process is so simple easy that you can have your kids making meals for you. Nomiku clips to a pot filled with water and bagged food (with all the air removed) is dropped right in. Set the desired temperature and work on other stuff while Nomiku does its thing. Meats can be fully cooked – no over or underdone – and pulled out whenever you’re ready to sear or prepare.

On top of that, the new Nomiku’s wireless connectivity allows users to connect to an entire community through the Tender app. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, you’ll never have to be without recipe ideas or directions. If you yourself have created a masterful meal, share and send it to others. When you’re done, the new Nomiku is easier to clean and store.

Check out the new Nomiku on Kickstarter, and pledge now for a fantastic price. If you’re unsure about how great cooking with Nomiku could be, peek the reviews of its predecessor on Amazon.


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