MantelMount makes TVs feather-light with piston power

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Flat panel televisions are great, yet they are even better when positioned correctly. What does this mean, exactly? Well, if you’ve have to suffer screen glare, or awkward sitting to find the best viewing spot, you’ve been doing it all wrong. That’s why some genius invented wall mounts to improve on home viewing experiences.

By this time, there isn’t a whole lot of new that can be added to TV wall mounts. It seems like it’s fairly basic. However, one inventor has put a slight twist on a ubiquitous product to make things just that much better.MantelMount flat panel TV wall mount The MantelMount does exactly what it sounds like – mounts large screen televisions above fireplace mantels. What’s a little different is the hardware that makes these heavy devices appear light as a feather. MantelMount uses automotive pistons to provide muscle and lift, that little kids could easily raise and lower TVs with just their fingers.

When it comes to viewing range, the MantelMount offers a good spread. Televisions can lower two feet down and tilt both vertically and horizontally. You should be able to get rid of glare and find the best viewing spot each and every time. But that’s not where the features end.

If you’ve ever disliked the look of metal hardware bolted to your wall, get ready to bust out some fresh paint and brushes. The MantelMount comes with a paintable cover to hide the hardware. Whether you want the cover to match or coordinate with your wall, or to showcase some crazy-fun art, you’ll be left with a result that’s far more aesthetically pleasing.

MantelMount also has heat-sensing handles that turn red to warn of temperatures exceeding a safe limit. This is certainly nice to have in homes that use fireplaces.

Find more information about MantelMount on Kickstarter. You can pick one up for a very competitive price compared to what you might pay at a local retail store.

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