Eve automatically irrigates outdoor lawns, saves water

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“Gold is the new green” could be California’s new state motto, considering the current, terrible drought conditions. As I look into my backyard, I see a patchwork of gold, brown, and green areas. In Sacramento, to aid water conservation, we get two watering days per week for a few hours each of those days. It’s either that, or get caught and handed a hefty fine. Needless to say, the crispier parts of my lawn don’t get the same amount of shade as the greener areas.

Eve IrrigationWater conservation is a big deal, especially considering how important a resource it is. The biggest offenders of household water waste come from leaky faucets and over-watering lawns. By comparison, leaky faucets are simple. Very few homeowners know how much water a lawn really needs.

Who really wants to guess, when there is now an intelligent option that automatically calculates and does all the work? If you’re interested in saving time, money, and (especially) water, then Eve irrigation is what you need.

Eve irrigation appThe internet of things has deemed your sprinkler controller as ‘dumb’, and the Eve ecosystem is the ‘smart’ alternative. This ecosystem consists of the Eve irrigation controller, the Adam moisture sensor, and the mobile app for smartphones and tablets.

Eve is a drop-in replacement to your current sprinkler controller, and Adam constantly monitors soil conditions to relay to Eve. The result is perfect, wasteless watering the way your lawn needs it.

This system takes all the guesswork out. You can use multiple Adam units in different sprinkler zones to monitor, or you can key in specific settings to optimize each area. Since Eve connects to SmartThings (recently acquired by Samsung), it gathers and uses weather forecast information to determine watering. If the next few days are going to be extra hot, only your lawn areas that need some additional water will get it.

The team behind Eve irrigation highlight the savings potential of water, money, and time. Once the initial setup and options have been completed, you won’t need to fuss with the schedule or change much. If, for whatever reason, you do, it’s as easy as opening up the mobile app.

Ready to pledge for your own smart, hassle-free irrigation system? Visit the Eve Kickstarter page and find out more!

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