ArcSoft simplicam camera with face detection now available

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Home surveillance cameras are useful, easy to operate, and quite affordable these days. Most provide a mobile app so homeowners can check in with smartphones or tablets whenever they wish. Users can opt for motion-detection alerts, too. The hard part about most motion-detection rules is that anything can trigger it: branches swaying by the window, a passing vehicle, or the house pet making rounds.

Arcsoft simplicam home monitoring tableThe good news is that ArcSoft’s simplicam, powered by Closeli, is now available for purchase on Amazon and The simplicam is the first home monitoring video camera to feature face detection. Users can get the alerts that matter the most to check up on people, instead of having to sort through false-triggers.

The free Closeli app for iOS and Android takes a few minutes to set up, and provides 720p HD video streaming access from almost anywhere. No PC is required to set it up, as everything can be completed with just a smartphone and your existing home wireless network. Motion and sound detection notifications can be sent to either a PC or mobile device, and you can view feeds by logging in to

Users looking for comprehensive options can subscribe to Closeli’s recording services. These upgrades continuously record video to the cloud, allows clips to be saved for later viewing, and can post user-edited video straight to social media. You know, because home security isn’t always serious business as pets do cute things in the house when no one is looking.

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