AnyMote gives mobile devices wireless universal control

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These days, smartphones seem to be less like phones and more like everything else. They’re for taking pictures, reading, playing games, watching video content, listening to music, and so many more ways of of communicating than two-way voice. New apps and products serve to add additional features to this already omni-device.

AnyMote home smartphone appSo how about using your smartphone as a universal remote for your entertainment system? It should already be within reach, and now you can have more consolidated power right in your palm.

With AnyMote Android and iOS devices transform into a universal remote, capable of controlling TVs, consoles, receivers, DVD players, and so much more. Almost any device you own, that came with an IR (infrared) remote, can be operated with just a smartphone or tablet. While AnyMote may not have been the first, it’s the latest that is truly wireless.

Since AnyMote connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and runs off of just two AA batteries, there is no restriction on placement. The 360 degree IR emitter design allows for better direct line-of-sight to all equipment within a room. And if you ever wanted to bring it with you, there are no cables to unplug.

The AnyMote app steps users through a few questions to add each device. It’s database knows of over 800,000 compatible remotes with more being added daily. That’s pretty comprehensive. Not only can you set how you want your mobile remote to work, AnyMote can automate tasks through user-created macros.

If you’re ready to consolidate that assortment of remote controls for your electronics and do things a whole lot smarter, check out the AnyMote campaign page up on Kickstarter.

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