Bowers & Wilkins launches new CM Series speakers

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Bowers & Wilkins’ new CM Series

Bowers & Wilkins introduced new models of its CM Series of loudspeakers, which feature its Decoupled Double Dome tweeter technology, originally found on the company’s CM10.

The tweeters “use a thin aluminum dome surrounded by a thicker aluminum ring for the perfect combination of lightness and rigidity, helping prevent audible distortion,” says the company in press release. “This advanced tweeter is also decoupled – using a ring of gel cushioning to physically separate the assembly from the cabinet – to improve dispersion and imaging for an even more natural, spacious treble.”

The CM10 S2 and the new CM6 S2 speakers also feature “tweeter-on-top” technology. “Isolating the tweeter in this way aids imaging and dispersion, creating a more lifelike sound and a better sense of space,” the company explains.

Additional features include new crossovers with Mundorf capacitors throughout and anti-resonance dustcaps across all bass and midrange drive units.

Available in September, the line includes the CM1 ($1,100 per pai), CM5 ($1,600 per pair), CM6 ($2,000 per pair), CM8 ($2,400 per pair), CM9 ($3,200 per pair), CM10 ($4,000 per pair), CM Centre ($700 each), CM Centre 2 ($1,250 each), ASW10CM S2 ($1,500 each) and FS-CM stand ($500 per pair).

The CM Series sits between Bowers & Wilkins’ high-end 800 Series Diamond and the more affordable 600 Series.

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