Showcased at CES, Soundfreaq Double Spot now available

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Soundfreaq has (finally) announced the availability of its Double Spot Bluetooth wireless speaker. I had been wondering about this one ever since I had the hands-on opportunity to check it out at CES 2014. It’s the design that drew me in – it could draw you in as well. When you’re a portable Bluetooth speaker, you have a pretty tough crowd and even tougher competition. Eight months later, I haven’t forgotten about the Double Spot.

Everyone has their own taste for interior design, of course, but the Double Spot has that classy-yet-natural throwback type of look. It’s a little different, which is why CES attendees were making a beeline right for it. It’s got a sleek appearance and intuitive controls. Although black goes with everything, my preference leans toward wood/white. It’s got pop. Either that, or I already have too many gray-black electronics everywhere.

Soundfreaq Double Spot bluetooth speakerLooks aside, the big deal about the Soundfreaq Double Spot is the balance of size versus audio output. I was able to pick up the speaker with only one hand, yet the volume betrays the stature.

This thing can compete with a noisy CES crowd, which means it’s ideal for those who want a portable speaker that can deliver a party atmosphere in the home. Pick a room, pick up the Double Spot speaker, and there ya go. I listened to it up close and personal (probably fed my own FLAC music through it, too), and was certainly impressed.

These Soundfreaq speakers come two ways; you can have them with or without an internal rechargeable battery. Personally, I’d pony up the $149 to get one with a battery so I can move my music around without limit. Those who don’t mind having a cord can settle for the $129 unit with the option to upgrade later.

And that, my friends, is how Soundfreaq clinches it for me. $19 gets you a fresh, user-installed battery. Eventually, all batteries die. But the Double Spot provides the option to replace that battery instead of purchasing a brand new unit. I’m not aware of any other companies doing the same, so if you know, post it in the comments section! Purchase units direct from Soundfreaq or Amazon.

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