JBL cinema base, soundbar speakers available for preorder

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When it comes to upgrading home entertainment experiences, a brand new TV isn’t the only answer. Sure, if you own a clunker that would do better in the garage or guest bedroom, new TV it is. But if you already own a great flat panel unit, then it’s going to be either furniture and/or audio to help bring that theater feel.

JBL Cinema base speakerSome people (like me) prefer to have big, badass speakers to deliver cinematic audio quality. However, some people (also like me) don’t necessarily have that kind of space or budget. If this sounds familiar, then check out JBL’s latest cinema base and soundbar speaker systems.

The JBL Cinema Base brings the home theater sound you deserve, but without adding all the clutter. This 240 watt speaker sits right under your flat-panel television, and it’s able to support most TVs up to 60” in size.

With the Harmon Volume feature, you’ll never have to worry about huge changes in volume, like annoying commercials. Since mobile devices are so prevalent in our everyday lives, the JBL Cinema Base has built-in Bluetooth wireless.

JBL Cinema SB350 speakerStream entire music collections from smartphones or tablets straight to the JBL Cinema Base. There’s a good chance that you might be listening to music if you’re not watching TV, so why not take advantage of the room-filling sound and power. But if music is more important to you than video, the JBL Cinema SB350 soundbar would do one better.

The SB350 matches many of the same features as the Cinema Base, but has more power and a wireless subwoofer. Users can still connect the Cinema SB350 to their TV via HDMI, optical, or analog cables. The soundbar itself is wall-mountable (equipment included), so you can find that perfect audio sweet spot. Same thing applies to the wireless subwoofer. Greater freedom of placement ensures the best home theater audio, be it for movies or music.

Not only do the JBL Cinema Base and JBL Cinema SB350 look sleek, but they’re pretty affordable too. Visit the JBL website for pre-order information and pricing.

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