Keep homes healthy with WeMo enabled Smart Humidifier

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Personally, I like my air as I do deadpan comedic humor – cold and dry. I remember the first time I ever visited the East coast as a kid. That first, fresh breath of summer air outside the airplane felt like I was gulping down a soggy sink sponge. It was a bit of a shock for one born and raised in California.

Belkin Holmes smart humidifierHowever, I’ve learned to appreciate the benefits of some humidity during the winter months. The right level prevents dry, flaky skin and/or the need to rub on body lotion. When it comes to choices regarding the latter, I’d prefer instead to get the hose again.

When it comes to choices of humidifiers, why go for anything less than the best? Time is valuable and we like to be notified when things need to get taken care of. You know – like royalty. Enter the Holmes Smart Humidifier enabled with WeMo.

Belkin Holmes smart humidifier WeMo appThis latest smart humidifier comes as a collaboration between Jardin Consumer Solutions and Belkin International. Belkin has been enjoying a successful and expanding line of WeMo-enabled products, and the Holmes Smart Humidifier is the first-ever to be controlled remotely by mobile devices. If you happen to own other WeMo devices, then you already have the single app to manage them all.

Users can remotely set and check humidity levels and schedules for the Holmes Smart Humidifier. Temperature and air conditions can change drastically during the day; being able to change humidifier settings while you’re out at work guarantees returning to a comfortable home. The WeMo app, for iOS and Android, also sends out notifications when the water is low or the filter needs replacement. Ordering new filters can be as easy as an in-app purchase.

The Holmes Smart Humidifier is powerful enough to handle homes up to 2500 square feet. With winter right around the corner, you might be thinking about household comfort. Make it easy and let smart connectivity to half the work for you. For more information or to pre-order, visit

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