Art meets smarts and efficient LEDs with Notti light

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Although LED lighting is becoming more mainstream, we aren’t quite at the point of having a large variety of options. This is especially so, if you’re looking for something more than a standard bulb that screws in a lamp socket. Don’t get me wrong; those smartbulbs are pretty fantastic, especially the multi-color ones. The problem with floor or standing lamps is that they’re not the most ideal to pick up and move.

Sometimes you just want a bulb that’s connected, has a range of colors, and is portable to move around where it suits you best. And that’s what Notti is all about. Notti LED light features a polygonic design and customizable connectivity. The 3-watt LED bulb can deliver 16 million colors wherever you wish to place it. It’s small enough to put anywhere, and a built-in battery lasts for up to 5 hours.

notti led smart light bulb mood

Of course, Notti can provide additional lighting or set a mood in a room. But it can also light up in different colors when your connected Bluetooth smartphone receives a notification. The colors and choice of notification can be picked via the Notti app. So instead of letting your zen moment be disrupted by cacophonous noise emanating from your smartphone, Notti’s color change tells all you need to know.

If you want party lights, Notti has a music mode that changes color to the beats. There is also an alarm mode that lets Notti simulate a gradual sunrise to help you wake up easier in the morning.

Check out the functional and artistic Notti light on Kickstarter. It’s energy efficient and the packaging doubles as a smartphone stand, so you can feel no guilt for indulging and pledging to get one yourself.

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