Cree steps up as Philips splits, Samsung call it quits on LEDs

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Cree has always been a household name for me, as all of my best EDC (every day carry) flashlights have Cree bulbs in them. They’re bright, reliable, and affordable – the trifecta for those who don’t want to blow half a paycheck on a quality flashlight.

Cree LED bulbBut soon enough you can equip your entire home with Cree LEDs. The recent announcements of Philips splitting its business, and Samsung exiting the market for LED lights has opened the door of opportunity for Cree. There’s more business to be had, especially with one major player backing out.

The latest LED bulbs from Cree are designed to look and feel like standard 40- and 60-watt type-A lightbulbs. Not only do these newer bulbs deliver greater output performance, they are less expensive too. You can pick up a single bulb for $8 at a local Home Depot store. That’s pretty fantastic for having a 25,000-hour life span and the energy savings that comes with.

These newer 40- and 60-watt bulbs come in both soft white (2700K) and daylight (5000K) temperatures so you can maintain the same indoor lighting environment as you have right now. They’re still dimmable and also backed by a 3-year warranty. Find out more by visiting the Cree website or at Come November, Home Depot will have these new Cree LED bulbs available in store.

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