ARCHT One is a 360 speaker disguised as art

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If you’re one to observe upon and believe most speakers out there tend to be boxy, you’d be right. These rectangular shapes of varying dimensions sit vertically or horizontally in living spaces, typically close to a wall. Depending on the speaker brand, size, and power, some areas of that room will have better-sounding music than others. But you would have to figure out those sweet spots.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Creating an even blanket of audiophile-quality sound doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes it just takes the right kind of speaker. And that’s what the team behind the ARCHT One Wireless Audio System is all about.

ARCHT One wireless speakerThe ARCHT One is an omnidirectional wireless speaker that turns every spot in a room into the best listening one. The engineering behind the ARCHT One’s patented Sound Array technology allows the speaker to have even audio dispersion all the way around.

As one might expect, the ARCHT One houses a full range driver, subwoofer, and passive bass radiator. But it also has a compliment of hardware features including digital signal processor (DSP), amplifiers, digital audio converter (DAC). Although the ARCHT One can stream wirelessly via Wi-Fi, AirPLay, and Bluetooth, users can opt for its USB or AUX connections.

Best of all, it doesn’t look like your typical speaker. The ARCHT One is also equal parts monolithic art piece and conversation-starter. Put it on a coffee table, shelf, or wherever you desire to create a striking look that also belts out music.

The ARCHT One speaker comes in either black or white; you can pledge a bit more for the Kickstarter Green or Rosso Corosa Red colors with your name laser-etched. Check out the ARCHT One campaign page for more photos and info!

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