Bulbs aren’t needed with futuristic Aerelight desk lamp

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LED light bulbs are quickly gaining traction with consumers for their cost-effectiveness and low-energy usage. It’s likely that prices will continue to drop as companies battle each other in a market expected to multiply over the next few years. But as Cree fills a void by a departing Samsung, what’s a manufacturer to do to stand out?

You go premium with design and features.

Aerelight, a manufacturer who develops innovative lighting products, has recently unveiled the Aerelight desk lamp. If you’re one to appreciate sleek, minimalist design that delivers on power, you better pull out your holiday wish list right now.

aerelight desk lamp bedroomYour typical desk lamp has a standard bulb held up by an adjustable gooseneck column or swing arm. But if you’re eager for something special, above and beyond the mundane, Aerelight has just that.

The Aerelight desk lamp features OLED lighting within a touch-capacitive aluminum frame. The same OLED technology that goes into smartphones, mobile gaming devices, and flat-panel TVs is what makes this desk lamp gorgeously thin.

But despite the diminutive size, the Aerelight desk lamp shines at double the illumination of an office environment while only using 7 watts of power. The lamp’s operation is completely touch-controlled. So long as you make contact with the anodized aluminum body, you can power and dim the light output. If that’s not cool enough, the Aerelight desk lamp has a charging pad for any of your Qi-wireless-compatible devices. Power as needed without the clutter of cables.

Although considered inexpensive for the OLED market, this lamp still carries a $239 price tag. Hey, that’s the cost for beauty and uniqueness of design. The Aerelight desk lamp is available for per-order in red, silver, or black.


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