Cook smarter, easier with MAID multi-function oven

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When I’m not toying around with tech or rattling out words for articles and reviews, you could probably find me cooking. It’s my favorite way to escape from the digital world to get my hands dirty with creating. If you want to eat great food, you’re either making it or paying someone else to make and serve it to you. My budget prefers the former.

Much of what I like to cook is loosely based off existing recipes. I’ll get an idea of what I want to eat, check ingredients, and apply cooking techniques to make something tasty and spectacular. But when it comes to baking, I’m totally by-the-book. Baking is equal parts art and chemistry, and I haven’t done enough of it in my life to just wing it and win.

I’ve baked up some totally amazing disasters (some recently, too).

maid ovenThings might have been different if I had a MAID (Make All Incredible Dishes) oven. The MAID oven is just one of the latest home devices to launch on Kickstarter and hit it off with consumers. MAID is more than just an oven. It’s also your personal kitchen assistant.

The oven part of MAID functions as convection, microwave, and top-heater. The assistant element consists of a built-in touchscreen that provides recipes right at your fingertips. Internet connectivity allows the MAID oven to access the curated, crowd-sourced recipe platform. It also automatically updates when the developers have new improvements to the software.

My counter space comes at a premium, which means I don’t have much room for cookbooks let alone laptops, tablets, or smartphones. As convenient it is to have access to online recipes, I’m loathe to put my gadgets in the line of cooking fire (both literally and figuratively). The MAID Assist lets users search recipes, read ingredient lists, and learn to cook dishes step by step. Voice instructions and visuals help guide those unfamiliar with preparation techniques.

If you’re picky and/or wary about online recipes as I am, you can still save personal favorites with the MAID oven. Even if you may not need to cook with MAID for a particular dish, you can at least take advantage of the 6-inch touchscreen to follow through with recipe instructions. The MAID oven learns your habits and over time can make recommendations and also help maintain a healthy diet.

Check out theMAID oven on Kickstarter. It’s already overfunded with weeks to go!

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