BeON smart bulb lights homes, deters burglars

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A lot of media attention is paid to high-profile cyber crimes such as stolen identities, hacking, and stolen credit cards. Although such incidents may be big, they’re still not quite as prolific as basic break-ins and theft. These happen all the time nationwide, but you’re only going to hear about local incidents. The key to successful crime sprees is not getting caught. Therefore, a burglar is more likely to pick an empty, secluded home than not. Modern technology has brought about very easy and affordable home monitoring systems. As useful as most of these cameras are, they’re only reactive and can’t do so much for prevention. BeON burlgar deterrent LED light bulbAnd that’s what makes the BeON Burglar Deterrent different from many security products out there. BeON replaces your other LED light bulbs to provide lighting, but it has some additional features to help bring you greater peace of mind for those times no one is home. BeON’s smart hardware learns user’s lighting habits as time goes on. There’s no programming needed. When you plan to take vacation/leave for a week, simply switch its deterrent system on and BeON does the rest. While you’re away, each LED light will automatically turn on and off like they typically would if people were home. When it comes to theft, a potential burglar is going to prefer the home that looks and feels more empty. But BeON has a few other smart tricks inside as well. It will listen and trigger off of doorbells, setting the network of lights to turn on and mimic someone up and checking around. Each bulb has an internal rechargeable battery, which provides light and operation during power outages. Those are times when break-ins go up, since thieves expect security systems to be down. These BeON bulbs are wirelessly accessible with Bluetooth devices and the free app. But they’re operable via lamp and wall switches, too. Home security systems are great, but not fail-proof. If you’re looking to green up your home with energy efficient LED bulbs, might as well double up and have theft-prevention as well. Check out the BeON Kickstarter campaign page for full information and the pledge tiers to back this project!

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