WeMo enabled smart coffee maker now available from Belkin

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For many people, mornings just aren’t until that first sip of coffee from a freshly-brewed pot. Having a solid morning routine helps to get a day started right. However, there’s something to be said about spontaneity and flexibility. Sometimes things change, and you need to adapt on the fly. Your coffee maker should, too.

Belkin has just announced the availability of their latest WeMo enabled device. The Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee maker is the third connected device that consumers can monitor and control through a mobile smartphone or tablet.

Belkin WeMo mr coffee smart coffee makerNot only does the WeMo app allow schedules to be set and coffee to start brewing at the press of a button, but it offers notifications as well. The app sends reminders when the water is low, filter needs changing, or the entire coffee maker needs cleaning. This can be quite handy for those with busy mornings; no one wants to sip a sub-par cup of coffee.

Despite the wireless wizardry, the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee maker is a top-notch home appliance at its core. Even through manual operation, it can fill the 10-cup metal carafe with perfectly-brewed coffee in just eight minutes.

While some may not mind waiting the extra two minutes from standard coffee makers, I do. When you enjoy having coffee from mugs the size of soup bowls (or just soup bowls), even one minute feels like an hour.

What can I say, except that I’ve conditioned myself with awesome coffee aroma.

The Belkin WeMo Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee maker is available for $149.99 now at, and soon at and

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