Smart Booo Dimmer puts wireless light control in hands

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One of the reasons that wireless-enabled light bulbs have grown in popularity is the ease of control. Sure, there may be a pinch of laziness thrown in here or there, but it’s still pretty cool to turn lights on and off with a mobile smartphone or tablet. Besides, wall switches aren’t always in the most convenient of locations.

Despite the latest technological advances for the home, some of us still prefer to use that mounted switch for lights. It’s not unlike the feeling of using a physical keyboard versus a digital one. There is something satisfying about control via actual contact. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be one way or another.

Smart Booo dimmer switch tableWith the Smart Booo Dimmer, users can have the best of both worlds. This dimmer switch combines the best of wireless connectivity with touch activation, all without the need to download another app to your smartphone.

The Smart Booo Dimmer works right out of the box with all Booo lamps, but it also includes an adapter for the other lights in your home. Simply plug the adapter into the wall socket and then the lamp into the adapter. The hardware inside the Smart Booo Dimmer lets it recognize the lamps to control by proximity.

Once set up, all it takes is a single tap on the Smart Booo Dimmer to turn lights on or off. Rotating the Smart Booo performs the dimming action, regardless of surface it’s resting on. With the right lamp/bulb, the tone gets warmer as the light dims down and cooler as it dims up.

The Smart Booo Dimmer will be available in a variety of colors and finishes to match your personal style. It’s small and sleek, so you can move it wherever it suits you best in the home.

Visit for more information about the Smart Booo Dimmer. It’s expected to be available sometime in 2015.

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