Control more than lights with Insteon Dual On/Off Outlet

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If you haven’t caught up to the wireless LED light craze, you’re seriously missing out. It’s one of those things that ends up being much more useful than expected, once in practice. Whether you want to save energy by remotely controlling lights, or to create a lived-in appearance at home while away, wireless is the way to go.

Despite how quickly manufacturers are enabling devices with wireless connectivity, there is a lot left untouched. And just because a new model has built-in wireless doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than what you may already have. Solution? Upgrade your wall outlets.

Insteon dual on off outletInsteon, a manufacturer of home automation products, has announced the world’s first dual band remote controlled on/off outlet. This outlet provides independent control of both the top and bottom socket, all without adding any bulky or unsightly adapters.

Anything from lights to appliances and all in between can plug in, with the power of on and off right at your fingertips.

But the Insteon Dual On/Off Outlet is more than just wireless wizardry. The mobile app provides a greater amount of control with the use of alerts, schedules, and customized scenes that can be integrated with other Insteon products. So instead of berating family members for falling asleep and leaving room lights on all night, you can set an automatic shut-off time to lamps plugged in to the Dual On/Off Outlet. Since the outlets are separate, you can keep the fan or heater going while the lights go out.

By itself, this Dual On/Off Outlet can be controlled via mobile app and the outlet buttons. It can also pair with other Insteon devices for a wider range of control through other remotes, sensors, and switches.

Visit the Insteon website to check out how easy and powerful the Dual On/Off Outlet is. You can also browse the rest of their home automation equipment.

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