Save water, save the world, with Amphiro b1 smart shower

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There has been a lot of focus on reducing energy usage and conserving. New and efficient smart LED bulbs have grown in popularity due to their low costs and longevity. However, there is more to a home’s total resource consumption than just lamps and lighting. You can tell by looking at the water and electricity/gas bills during the colder months. Sometimes we tend to linger longer in a hot shower.

A very important but often overlooked area of conservation is water use. California has been suffering from a serious drought, and there are other areas of the United States where citizens and communities are completely without.

Amphiro b1 smart shower deviceOne company is looking to bring awareness of personal water usage to consumers. Amphiro has launched a campaign to fund the Amphiro b1, the world’s first smart meter for the shower. We have devices that track so many aspects of daily lives, it makes sense to cover one of the home’s biggest potential energy wasters.

If you have lived in a multi-person household before, then you understand the irritation of jumping in the shower after someone just used up all the hot water. It takes quite a bit of energy to heat up the water tank so you’re not freezing as you clean.

The Amphiro b1 attaches to all ½-inch shower heads and provides real-time feedback of water temperature and how much has been used. The purpose is awareness, and the Amphiro b1 automatically sends data to a mobile app. From there, users can see how adjusting their habits results in less energy and water waste. No batteries are needed since energy is provided by an internal turbine.

The team behind the Amphiro b1 offer an open API, so developers can think of new ways to integrate it with other smart home devices. Not only is it good for the planet, but you’ll save yearly on utility bills. That extra savings can go directly to your gadget fund! Check out the Amphiro b1 on Kickstarter, and lets hope they hit their goal this second time around.

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