Nest’s first national commercial stars a grumpy old man

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Actor Richard Herd, in Nest's new national commercial

Actor Richard Herd, in Nest’s new national commercial

Ever had an older relative who just doesn’t get today’s new technology? Are you that older relative yourself? Either way, you can probably relate to Nest’s new commercial, its first national one, which began airing in the last week.

The ad stars Richard Herd, who played George Costanza’s boss Mr. Wilhelm on the later seasons of Seinfeld, stars in the ad as a grandpa whose grandkids bought him the Nest Learning Thermostat But he doesn’t like it, because being cold “builds character,” while walking back and forth to to the thermostat “builds leg muscles.” Herd’s cranky grandpa then goes on to predict a day when “the Internets come to live and all these gizmos turn on us.”:

According to an article on Green Tech Media about the campaign, the ads are ” all about the mainstreaming of intelligent efficiency,” while additional ads are on the way, also fro the holidays, for the Nest Protect and Dropcam products, all of which are under the banner of Google. Of course, Google’s ubiquitous commercials for Android, featuring Andrew W.K.’s “Party Hard,” continue to air on heavy rotation.


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