DAC the halls with Hi-Res music, with Meridian Explorer2

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Your beloved laptop or PC may be your most powerful piece of tech, but if you have a set of high-end speakers or headphones it’s not doing you much good. Face it. Your computer sucks at driving the top-shelf audio you deserve to hear. But that’s ok, because you’re no worse off than most anyone else.

But if you really want to hear the best from of your audio devices, you’re going to want an upgraded amplifier & DAC. The integrated components in your computer aren’t meant to drive your awesome headphones. That’s like expecting six hamster wheels to power a Dodge Viper, steroids or not.

Meridian explorer2 explorer dac amp usbSince the holidays are near, you totally deserve a proper engine to drive your cans. The good news is that Meridian has just announced their latest USB DAC amp for such purpose.

The Meridian Explorer2 DAC takes the best of the original Meridian Explorer and enhances it with additional power. This latest version has more DSP capability, allowing it to decode and render ‘Master Quality Authenticated’ (MQA) lossless audio files.

The Meridian Explorer2 has up-sampling technology taken from Meridian’s Reference 800 Series, which thrusts all input signals to 176.4/192kHz with the company’s aphrodising filter. So this means your music will maintain quality and come out sounding clearer. Even your standard recordings.

The best part is that the Meridian Explorer2 is a powerhouse in compact form, roughly the size of a small external battery pack. But the rugged metal exterior keeps the insides protected while looking fantastic at the same time. The plug-and-play USB connects via cable to any computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. Then you just jack in your headphones to enjoy your Hi-Res music.

Check Meridian-Audio for more information. The Explorer2 is expected to retail for $299.99.

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