Acoustic Research adds refined outdoor audio at CES 2015

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When it comes to roaming the vast expanses of carpet and concrete for CES 2015, there is almost no shortage of speakers. Like, seriously. Although it’s hard for me to say if there are more this year, compared to CES 2014, I can vouch for seeing an uptake in style and innovation. One theme I’ve enjoyed in particular has been the blending of light and sound.

Acoustic Research outdoor speaker CES 2015Acoustic Research has been around for decades, but their speaker lineup for spring 2015 is a must-see. While any of them are perfectly fine for indoor use, it’s clear to my tastes that these are best for the backyard patio.

It’s cool to bring that beefy, wireless stereo speaker with you as you lounge in chairs under umbrella shade.

But it’s even better when your backyard audio blends in with the atmosphere you’re trying to create. These Acoustic research speakers are like fixtures to go with your brick patio, pebble paths, manicured lawn, and bubbling pond.

Acoustic Research indoor speaker CES 2015Grab a drink, kick back, and let the music take you away. Well, it’s what I envision, if I can ever get my own backyard patio in a condition for company and comfort.

If you didn’t get a chance to scope out what Acoustic Research has been showcasing at CES 2015, visit to check it out!

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