Energy saving for 2015 resolution? Flir has gadgets for you!

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One of my favorite aspects of 2014 tech has been the ‘greener’ nature of products. LED bulbs are so much more efficient and last longer than the traditional kind. New home automation & connectivity allow for efficient use and scheduling of lights, fans, heaters, sprinklers, and more. The solar energy market is still growing, helping users save on bills while reducing global dependence on unsustainable resources.

Now, smart energy utilization for the purpose of conservation is only one part of the equation. You can set your heater/AC to be as efficient as you like – even running them only during non-peak hours – but it won’t do much if your roof and/or walls are under-insulated. The home we live in was built in the ‘50s, so this is one reality that I face.

Flir personal imaging thermal C2 One CES 2015

Flir C2 (top) and Flir One (bottom), from CES 2015

Fixing weak areas of the home’s thermal envelope isn’t that hard if you know where to look. You could go hire a contractor to do that for you. Maybe even have them do all the work, too. But will you ever be sure that the job was done right? Hmmm

And that was one of the questions posed to me, when I stopped by the Flir booth at CES 2015. A personal thermal imager has a number of practical applications, but the home energy auditing was what intrigued me the most. With the way the Flir One plugs right into your Android or iOS smartphone to work with the free app, it’s the kind of handy gadget that makes sense.

Do you feel a draft? Find out where it’s coming from. Think your attic might be under-insulated? Flir lets you figure it out on-demand. You can also check to see which wires are conducting electricity, or even identify where a pipe blockage is located (run hot water and find where it meets with cold).

What’s cool is that the Flir One or Flir C2 are great for play as much as for home or work. Visit the Flir website and take a look see!

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