Unveiled at CES, Skylink PowerHub has smarts & wireless

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To say that anything related to smarthome products and/or automation was big at CES 2015 is a gross understatement. Although there was a clustered area dedicated to such booths, you were able to find manufacturers in almost every hall. It made things a little difficult for those with a home-centric interest.

This explosion of devices geared to create a smarter home is definitely a good thing. At the very least, having greater access and control to power and switches translates into both a convenience as well as a means to save on energy.

Skylink wireless powerhub outlet cesConsider your basic power strip. At CES 2015, Skylink showed off their modern Wireless PowerHub. It’s got all the familiarity of power strips you might own at home (e.g. safety plugs, surge protection, thick power cord), but has been enhanced to do more.

The Skylink Wireless PowerHub features wireless capabilities; the SkylinkNet app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Through the app, users can switch on/off any of the three remote controlled outlets. The other two outlets remain ‘hot’, which is idea for cable set-top boxes (and similar). It’s always a pain to wait when those things get power-cycled.

Beyond fancy connectivity, the Skylink Wireless PowerHub separates its five outlet plugs so you always have room, no matter how cumbersome a power brick may be. The brace of 2.1A USB ports provide convenient access to charge up any mobile devices, including tablets.

The best part is that the Skylink Wireless PowerHub will be competitively priced at $59.99, when it becomes available later this year in May. If you want to see more from Skylink, visit their website at

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