AmbiVision tricks out movie, gaming experiences like woah

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Whether it’s the interior of gaming desktop towers, the belly of your hot ride, or cosmic bowling, LED lights make everything totally awesome. And if you spend a lot of entertainment time with your big screen TV, why not have some LED lights for added ambiance and cool-factor?

There are a lot of LED lighting strips for just that purpose. Most all of these attach to the rear of screens or monitors, and they usually come with a controller to adjust the brightness and color. However one in particular kicks it up a notch by projecting light based on the screen content. In essence, the wall becomes an extension of your TV.

Ambivision led lighting strip TV

AmbiVision experience on the right.

AmbiVision, which is currently overfunded on Indiegogo with over a month to go, is a smart device that taps into the video input signal and quickly analyses it. Each individual LED light along the AmbiVision strip matches up to pixels on the screen in real time, essentially expanding the visual experience. It works on all screens up to 100 inches diagonal, no matter the resolution or video standard.

The AmbiVision is completely plug-and-play, not needing any special cables or tricky connections. Once you have it installed and configured for the proper number of LEDs, you’re all set to kick back and enjoy.

But it’s not just lighting for fun, since eyes suffer less strain with ambient lighting instead of a pitch-black room. Try it next time, when you’re binge watching cartoons around midnight. Your eyes will adjust better when there is an additional light source to the TV, even if it’s on low.

Check out the AmbiVision Indiegogo campaign page for more details and to back the project. Be the first to wow all your friends once it ships!

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