Samsung SmartTV listens in, records private conversations

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It goes to show that in this day and age it behooves consumers to be thoroughly familiar with all aspects and features of the tech they own. You never know just how “smart” some smart devices can be.

If you own a Samsung SmartTV (or two or three), you might want to go and disable voice recognition and data collection. The company has recently updated their Global Privacy Policy, explaining how conversations in front of the TV can be recorded and sent to a third party.

Samsung SmartTV privacyI’m sure it sounds a lot worse than what the company has intended. But then again, Samsung isn’t some dummy company that just fails to pay attention to small details relating to consumer privacy, right? I’ll let you answer that for yourself.

The way voice recognition works on the Samsung SmartTV is that it’s always listening. Once it hears the trigger words for commands, then it does it’s little trick and everyone is happy. However, everything else it hears also goes through the same voice-to-text process.

Maybe now you don’t feel that your private moments had been so private at all. And who is this “third party”? I guess it depends on who you ask. Paranoiacs might claim it’s the same people who are watching us through our webcams. Conspiracy theorists could point to the American government. Or Beyonce, who is (apparently) a member of the Illuminati.

And we all know what Giorgio Tsoukalos would say.

So, in the meantime, it’s recommended to downgrade your TVs control interface. Yup. Go grab that battery-powered remote.

<Source: cbcnews>

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