Totally wireless, Flicks delivers home audio, video anywhere

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If you’ve ever used a projector for entertainment purposes, you probably know how terrible the built-in speakers are. I keep a compact speaker alongside my projector, since the difference in audio is like night and day. But that’s just for quick/mobile convenience. If I’m setting up the projector for plush movie-viewing, I’m reaching for the biggest speaker I have around.

Audio and video is like peanut butter and chocolate – you can never go wrong with combining the two. And that’s exactly what the Flicks boombox is all about. Easy tasty.

flicks bluetooth speaker projectorI did happen to see Flicks in action while at CES 2015, albeit briefly. At the time of passing by the booth, it was packed with people that were totally crowding around to watch and listen. Despite the bright lights and dull roar of people, the video and audio output from Flicks were crisp and vivid. I walked away pretty impressed.

Flicks is a completely wireless two-in-one projector and speaker. The built-in battery is large enough to provide hours of movie entertainment (up to four) and even more for music only (up to 28). And that’s just the regular Flicks. The Flicks range packs double the energy in the same physical form.

Users can play movies from smartphones or tablets via HDMI cable. If you happen to be setting up within range of a wireless network (like in your backyard), simply use your Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, or Roku to stream. Flick’s built-in USB output port can charge that or other devices.

Find full details and specifications about Flicks on its Indiegogo campaign page. There are a couple of weeks left in the campaign, so it’s not too late to pledge on this already overfunded project!

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